Meet The Founder

A & A Medical Healthcare Supplies Aid started its operations in 2016. Our nonprofit organization is led by Abiola Akinremi (Akinbi), a Registered Nurse (RN) and a Business degree holder. She has taken mission trips and visited various places including Brazil, Mali (West Africa), Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Holland, and Columbia.

About Medical Health Care Supplies

A & A Medical Healthcare Supplies Aid is a nonprofit organization in Toronto, ON dedicated to supporting various organizations that conduct medical missions. We extend our help to different medical facilities or groups by providing the healthcare supplies they are lacking. Because of this, we are able to help meet the healthcare needs of numerous communities in low-resource areas who have limited to non-existent medical supplies.

Do you have a medical equipment to donate? Perhaps you prefer to support our organization’s mission through a financial donation? No matter what form of aid you have in mind, our organization greatly appreciates it. Pick-up service is available for those who want to offer medical healthcare supplies.